Every Tuesday at 3pm EST

Tickets: https://howcold.eventbrite.com

A weekly check-in on our community of women and mamas at our virtual cafe. Bring your cup of coffee, cold or hot, or any special beverage!
Join our not your average weekly “coffee talk” with a diverse round of women from all over the world.

Fire Dash Media Founder, Therese Miu, and MOMCOM NYC Founder, Alyce Chan, host a fun and casual chat over a virtual cafe. This is a space where each of us are free to speak on anything for up to a 2 minutes so we can keep our emotional connection thriving.

Some weekly meet ups, we will be free-flowing, without much structure, touching on everyone’s moods and finding out what everyone is up to. Some meetups, we’ll be joined with a specialist or expert to provide some healthy and mindful soundbites to keep us adjusted in this rapidly changing space.

In order to provide enough time for everyone to speak, we kindly ask that each person keep their updates to a minute. Each weekly meetup is 45 minutes and we have 20 spots that must be reserved in advanced. We can’t wait to see new faces and connect all these amazing women from all parts of the world together.



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