Date: May 18 th, 2019

Mamas on the Move
Location: Luminary, 1204 Broadway

MAMAS on the MOVE – a soul-enriching, empowering boot camp afternoon for the intrepid mama to connect, celebrate and create. A production by two moms (Alyce Chan and Therese Miu) who are continually moved by our entrepreneurial mom community. Our mission: to provide a safe haven for mothers of all backgrounds to make deep connections and feel empowered to keep dreaming and doing big.

Mamas on the Move’s afternoon opened with stand-up comedy by Alyce Chan, which led to the perfect segway of what was about to be a light-humored, soul-awakening and emotional enriching meditation journey, guided by spiritual rock star Biet Simkin @guidedbybiet.
Biet is a one of a kind luminescent star; to say the women felt spiritually amplified after her mind-blowing meditation is an understatement.

We also heard got to hear some valuable insights from pre and post natal and doula Jamie Jones and career highlights from talent coach Surabhi Lal, who is also the program director of Luminary.  We wrapped up our afternoon with fun style hacks from the chic Tania Sterle.

It was a complete honor to work alongside a panel of such brazen women. 

We had so much positive feedback that we will be doing another edition of Mamas on the Move in late Fall!

Photo credit: Sandhyia Gosine of @instaglam_photography

Video credit: Leandro Marte of @itsleandromarte

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